Executive Team

Richard Schoen

President and Chief Technology Officer

Richard founded RJS Software Systems in 1990 and developed the company's first commercial software product, the AS/400 Report Splitter soon after. Today as Chief Technology Officer, Richard guides the direction and development of all core RJS products and technology.

Richard is an industry expert on many aspects of business information technology and has authored whitepapers, articles and other technical publications. He is also a frequent speaker at trade shows, seminars and other computer and technology industry events. With over 25 years of development experience on all system platforms including IBM iSeries, Windows and Linux, Richard has a unique perspective that keeps RJS products well positioned to take advantage of growth opportunities in today’s rapidly changing markets.

Dennis Johnson

CEO and Chairman

Dennis joined RJS in 1995. Since then, he has been instrumental in providing overall general management of day-to-day activities, managing the financial operations area and providing strategic direction for the company. Previously, he spent 16 years at Telex Communications as Vice President of IT operations helping that firm grow through acquisitions from $10 million to more than $200 million in sales.

Dennis has more than 30 years of executive experience in managing R&D, IT planning and integrating acquired operations. He provides a wealth of knowledge regarding the computer industry and plays a vital role in strategy, growth acquisitions and business development for the company.

Mike Bergstrom

General Manager

Mike joined RJS in March of 2009 and currently oversees the sales and marketing team. From 2004 - 2008, Mike served as CEO of English, Bleeker and Associates, Inc. (EBA), which had three distinct business platforms in software development, technology education, and consulting. During his tenure with EBA, the organization grew from annual revenue of $750,000 to $10.5 million. 

From 1995 – 2003, Mike held various senior management positions with Chart Industries in the areas of sales, marketing and international business development.

The Document Lifecycle

Stage 1: Capture

Capturing signatures and data, and creating forms and reports that people can easily access, use, and distribute is the first stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how products like SignHere, iForms and WebForms can digitize documents and data, decrease paper costs and speed up workflow.

Stage 2: Manage

Securely managing documents and other data after they have been captured or created is the second stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how products such as WebDocs and inContact can give you the tools to securely find, use and store information, no matter where you are.

Stage 3: Distribute

Getting documents and data to the people who need them – on time and in the format they need – is the third stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how products like DeliverNow and Enterprise Workflow can automate document distribution and speed up business processes.

Stage 4: Secure

Securing data and documents is the final stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how WebDocs and our Security Solutions can protect key business information from cyber threats, data loss and costly downtime.