Why RJS for the hospitality industry?

For service driven businesses, particularly hotels, resorts and casinos, the challenge is always to stay ahead of the curve with systems and software that enable you to do more with less. RJS Software provides a winning combination of affordable document management and business process automation products that save time and money, and gives hospitality businesses a competitive edge.

Benefits for the hospitality industry

  • Acquiring signatures hassle-free
    Capturing signatures is a must in the hospitality industry and RJS provides an affordable solution that can be adapted to your every need. SignHere is a necessity for any hotel, resort or casino registration desk because it eliminates paper shuffle by electronically capturing and applying signatures to regsitration cards, check-in documents, bills, receipts and everything in between. You can also use SignHere to promote room upgrades or market other events and services.
  • Improving service without wasting time or money
    You want to provide the best customer care possible, so you need the “bang for your buck” that won’t blow your budget, but will still differentiate you from your competitors. WebDocs and Smart AP provide quick and easy access to all your documents and allow you to manage, store and distribute invoices, receipts and notations with the click-of-a-button. It’s a solution that adds up to increased service and higher profits. 
  • Systems that talk to each other in real time
    Most hospitality-based organizations employ multiple platforms, but struggle to find a solution that allows IBM i and Windows programs to talk to each other in real time. With RPG2SQL or iSeries Office Integrator you can transfer and share this integral data in the blink-of-an-eye. 
  • Safe, sound and secure
    Your customers are sleeping soundly, so why shouldn’t you? Employ security software that delivers on its promise to protect your network from spyware, spam and viruses. Sophos network security offers you that peace of mind.

Success Stories

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa
Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa uses SignHere to seamlessly capture legal, electronic signatures, thus speeding up and simplifying hotel check-in.
Download the Case Study (PDF)
Brinker International
Brinker International

Brinker International uses PDF Splitter to automatically separate, categorize, compress and password-protect reports before electronically distributing them with Email Report Server.

Download the Case Study (PDF)
Managing documents more efficiently and effectively with WebDocs saved Arby's Franchisee, Carisch, Inc., more than $250,000 in strategic sourcing costs.
Download the Case Study (PDF)
Eldorado Casino
Eldorado simplifies data analysis and saves on printing costs by using RPG2SQL to integrate data that resides on different systems.
Download the Case Study (PDF)
Galardi Group
Galardi Group utilizes WebDocs and Enterprise Workflow to eliminate paper and make accounts payable processing a breeze.
Download the Case Study (PDF)

The Document Lifecycle

Stage 1: Capture

Capturing signatures and data, and creating forms and reports that people can easily access, use, and distribute is the first stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how products like SignHere, iForms and WebForms can digitize documents and data, decrease paper costs and speed up workflow.

Stage 2: Manage

Securely managing documents and other data after they have been captured or created is the second stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how products such as WebDocs and inContact can give you the tools to securely find, use and store information, no matter where you are.

Stage 3: Distribute

Getting documents and data to the people who need them – on time and in the format they need – is the third stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how products like DeliverNow and Enterprise Workflow can automate document distribution and speed up business processes.

Stage 4: Secure

Securing data and documents is the final stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how WebDocs and our Security Solutions can protect key business information from cyber threats, data loss and costly downtime.