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Going paperless is great. But if you still need to sign printed documents and create paper forms, what’s the point?

Converting paper into digital documents sounds easy, but it’s not. How do you replace pre-printed invoices and other forms? What about documents that require signatures? How about the dozens of filing cabinets stuffed with documents down the hall? 

Common Problems

We have too much stuff! How will we digitize it all?

Are you still storing paper documents in filing cabinets? Are you nuts? We can help you digitize your paper documents and index them so they’re easy to find and use. You can choose between basic scanning software or advanced electronic forms solutions that virtually automate data capture.

► Read how our Scan Workstation, WebDocs and Intelligent Data Capture products can help.

We have a lot of important forms and reports. How will people fill them out without printing?

Most businesses create a lot of reports and forms. Just ask your HR or Accounting department. Almost all of them are created manually or printed using costly paper forms. There’s actually a way to create all your forms and reports electronically and automatically fill them with the data you need with little or no manual intervention.  

► Read how our iForms, Electronic Forms and WebForms products can help.

So many important documents need to be routed and signed. Can we do that digitally?

Signing and approving documents is an unavoidable part of running a business. Unfortunately, signing invoices, bills of lading or other documents usually means routing and storing them manually. What if you could do all that without ever having to print out a piece of paper? With digital signature capture and electronic forms software, you can. 

► Read how our SignHere, WebDocs and Distribution products can help.

Case Studies

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa
Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa uses SignHere to seamlessly capture legal, electronic signatures, thus speeding up and simplifying hotel check-in.
Download the Case Study (PDF)
FRS Restaurant Equipment and Supply Superstore
FRS field technicians use tablet-based WebForms as part of a mobile forms management solution that helps them improve productivity and more effectively manage service and supply orders. 
Download the Case Study (PDF)
Coastal Neuropsychology Specialists
RJS helped make patient forms management more efficient by putting documents online using Express Cloud versions of WebForms and WebDocs.
Download the Case Study (PDF)
Southern Waste Systems
Southern Waste Systems chose iForms to improve document management and saw "an amazing ROI," according to SWS IT Director Nick Casagrande.
Download the Case Study (PDF)
Sterling Chemicals

Sterling Chemicals manages work-related documents electronically, and eliminates paper-based processes and costly preprinted forms with WebDocs, Electronic Forms and Email Report Server.

Download the Case Study (PDF)
Toter Incorporated

Toter trashes burdensome paper flows and saves more than $10,000 a year in printing and postage costs by using iForms and WebDocs to streamline manual business processes.

Download the Case Study (PDF)

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