Automated report and document distribution.

What it Does

DeliverNow is a complete report delivery solution that automates document distribution across your organization. The software automatically monitors, converts and delivers reports, forms and other documents from key business systems on any platform, including ERP, SharePoint and other business applications.

The DeliverNow software can take reports generated from iSeries/IBM i spool files, Windows applications, or from Linux and AIX and burst and convert them into PDF, RTF, HTML, Excel and other file formats. Once converted, electronic reports can then be emailed, faxed or distributed to any output directory, output queue, FTP site or a document management system like WebDocs.  

Key Benefits

Improved workflow

Quickly getting information to the people who need it is critical to the success of your organization. With DeliverNow document distribution software, you can speed up workflow, improve decision making and increase operation efficiency by automating the delivery of business reports and other documents.

Go paperless!

DeliverNow dramatically reduces printing, distribution and storage costs by automating previously manual and paper-intensive report and data delivery. All your documents stay digital and are distributed electronically which means you don’t have to manually print, route or mail documents ever again.

Any report, any application, any platform

DeliverNow document distribution software is a browser-based, cross-platform solution that distributes documents generated from any business system on any platform. That means you can automatically monitor, convert and send reports generated from ERP, SharePoint and other applications that live on any platform, including iSeries/IBM i, Windows, Linux and AIX.

Distribute reports to any location

DeliverNow provides multiple options for report delivery depending upon your needs. Documents and data can be delivered via email, or to print queues, PC directories, FTP servers, output queues, Lotus Notes, WebDocs or any other document management system.

Reports you can use

Get a head start on using report data by distributing documents in the format you need. DeliverNow lets you burst, split and convert reports into PDF, TXT, XLS, HTML, TIFF and other file formats. 

How it Works

  • Choose a report
    DeliverNow Automated Report Distribution
    DeliverNow monitors IBM i/iSeries output queues, Windows applications, SharePoint, ERP systems and other programs for new reports. When they’re generated, the software can split, convert and distribute them to any location you choose.
  • Convert a report
    DeliverNow Automated Report Distribution
    DeliverNow can burst and convert reports into PDF, RTF, HTML, Excel and other formats. For example, a batch of invoices generated as a single IBM i/iSeries spool file can be split by date, address or some other criteria and converted to PDF files or merged into forms.
  • Distribute a report
    DeliverNow Automated Report Distribution
    Once a report has been generated and converted, it can be distributed electronically to any location you choose. DeliverNow can email reports or directly deliver them to output and print queues, PC directories, FTP servers or document management systems like WebDocs.


  • On-Demand Webinar
    DeliverNow: Bigger, Better and Faster (Why You Should Upgrade Now!)

    If you currently use any of RJS Software’s native IBM i or WinSpool report delivery products, an early version of DeliverNow or need help with automated report distribution, you should watch this on-demand webinar.

    In an effort to get all of our report distribution customers on the same page, we’re trying to upgrade them to the latest, greatest version of DeliverNow. The solution consolidates the functionality of more than a dozen individual products to give customers a true enterprise report distribution tool from one easy-to-use interface. Learn why you should upgrade, benefits of the upgrade, costs and more.

    Download On-Demand Webinar (WMV)

Who's Using It?

Ullico uses DeliverNow to cut report distribution costs, eliminate paper and move closer to the goal of centrailized electronic reporting and information delivery.
Download the Case Study (PDF)

Looking for Support

You’ll find all relevant support resources for DeliverNow software in our Support Center, including:

  • Documentation
  • Installation Instructions
  • Upgrades
  • Licenses
  • Troubleshooting
  • Tutorial Videos

The Document Lifecycle

Stage 1: Capture

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Stage 2: Manage

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Stage 3: Distribute

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Stage 4: Secure

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