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Electronically capture signatures on any document.

What it Does

Improve your workflow by signing and routing documents electronically. SignHere allows you to capture a digital signature with a signature pad device, tablet PC, mobile application or Anoto digital pen and then apply it to invoices, bills of lading, proofs of delivery and documents generated from your ERP system, IBM i/iSeries spool files, Windows applications and report or forms software.

Not only will you save money on printing and paper, but you’ll speed up decision making, improve productivity and enhance relations with customers, vendors and partners. 

Key Benefits

Electronic signatures are 100% legal

SignHere follows the strict guidelines of the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN). This United States legislation states that documents signed utilizing electronic signature capture software are contractually-binding and legally acceptable. To learn more about SignHere's legal compliance, view Electronic Signatures: Are They Legal?

Reduce paper shuffle

Getting signatures on documents in any kind of approval process used to mean manually printing, routing and storing paper. With SignHere you can reduce or eliminate paper-related costs by electronically capturing signatures and applying them to invoices, proofs of delivery and other business documents generated from any source. Documents can then be stored digitally using WebDocs or any other ECM system.

Apply signatures to any document

SignHere works with any kind of document in any kind of approval process. If you work on a dock and need drivers to sign bills of lading or proofs of delivery, we have you covered. If you work in an Accounts Payable, HR or Legal department and need signatures on documents, you can electronically capture and apply them, too.   

Any source will do

SignHere works with documents generated from IBM i/iSeries spool files, Windows and Linux applications, database-driven report and form engines such as Optio, Crystal Reports, and iForms. Simply use a signature capture device (Topaz, Ingenico or VeriFone, for example), a Windows Tablet, mobile application or Anoto pen to capture the signature. SignHere then applies it to the document and saves it as a digital file.

Speed up workflow

Paper is expensive and manually routing it for signatures is a pain. Because paper can get lost or misfiled and physically needs to be moved from point A to point B, workflow can easily get bogged down and slow decision making to a crawl. SignHere works with documents in their digital form and speeds up business processes by letting you electronically route, store and access documents using products like DeliverNow and WebDocs.

Improve customer service, vendor and partner relations

Speed kills in business. If you are slow to process orders, pay bills or help your customers, vendors and partners, they’ll take their money elsewhere. With SignHere, you can improve service by speeding up business processes and digitizing key business information so it’s easy to find and use.

How it Works

  • Signed
    Capture signatures
    Capture electronic signatures with a signature pad device, mobile application or Anoto digital pen. You can capture signatures for sales proposals, contracts, bills of lading, proofs of delivery, purchase orders, HR documents, patient records, loan agreements, manufacturing and quality control documents, and more.
  • Sealed
    Apply signature to your document.
    Apply signatures to any document from any source, including IBM i/iSeries spool files, content generated from Windows and Linux applications, and reports and forms from Optio, iForms and Crystal reports. SignHere then allows you to save merged documents as a PDF or TIFF file.
  • Delivered
    View, archive or distribute your document.
    View, archive, print or distribute signed documents anywhere, anytime electronically.

Who's Using It?

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa
Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa uses SignHere to seamlessly capture legal, electronic signatures, thus speeding up and simplifying hotel check-in.
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  • White Paper
    Electronic Signatures: Are They Legal?
    More and more businesses are going paperless and automating workflow by incorporating electronic signatures into their approval processes. However, one question we’re often asked in reference to our SignHere solution is “are signatures captured electronically legally binding?” The answer is an unequivocal “yes.”
    Download White Paper (PDF)

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