Sophos Security

A hacker’s worst nightmare.

What it Does

Keeping your documents and data secure is a big deal. An attack from a cyber terrorist would be crippling to any business and you certainly cannot afford the loss of sales and confidential information. Arm your business with Sophos, a leading provider of a vast array of security solutions that will keep your network safe and sound.

RJS is a proud platinum partner of Sophos and offers several great security products for you to choose from based upon your network needs. Endpoint security, data protection, encryption, web, email and network access control solutions simplify security to provide integrated defenses against malware, spyware, intrusions, FakeAV, spam, policy abuse, data leakage and compliance drift.

Key Benefits

Behavioral Genotype Protection

This intuitive technology identifies malware or spam, even when a particular sample has never been seen before, by recognizing and extracting “genes” (or components of behavior). By classifying these genes, SOPHOSLabs™ then registers characteristics and combinations that will appear in future malware. While other antivirus solutions have you walking blindly into possible attacks, Sophos removes the blindfold by assessing future threats faster than a web terrorist can create them. 

Mobile Device Security & Control

iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows smartphones - whether they're company issued or personal devices, chances are they hold sensitive corporate information or personal data you'd rather not have exposed. You have to secure these devices and keep their data safe and sound. Sophos Mobile Control makes it easy for IT managers to enforce consistent security policies for a mobile workforce with company-provided smartphones. You can now control security features and even remotely lock or wipe clean important data if they get lost.

Malware protection

You need to stop malware, keep your network up and protect your data. That calls for more than just anti-virus software. A solid defense reduces your threat exposure by protecting all vectors through proactive techniques. Safeguard endpoint, email and web with proven security.

Data loss prevention

You can't retrieve lost laptops and USB drives, but you can ensure the valuable data that's on them stays safe. In addition, you can control what your users are doing with sensitive data. Secure all sensitive information with full disk, email and device encryption.

Business productivity

You want to give your users web access and the ability to use mobile devices and Instant Messaging. But you also need to keep malware out without slowing your users down. Choose an anti-virus and browsing solution that doesn't slow down your network and eliminates threats before they appear. 

IT efficiency

You have to keep everything secure, reduce costs and ensure IT is contributing to the bottom line. A poor security provider means projects slip and you don't achieve your business goals. Utilize one license that covers every point, every platform and includes 24/7 support from technical experts who speak your language.

Compliance to regulations

Ever-changing regulations and your own internal demands mean you risk hefty fines and a ruined reputation if you can't get your users to comply. Shield your business with integrated data control.


  • Security for Smartphones & iPads

    With mobile technology now becoming a major market for phishing schemes and malware, we can assist you in identifying a mobile security product that provides anti-theft and anti-spam capabilities.

    View this on-demand webcast and learn how to prevent confidential data from leaving the organization via mobile webmail or online sites, safeguard users with anti-spam and anti-theft security to protect against hackers, and remote lock or remote clean lost or stolen mobile devices.


  • Security Threat Report 2011

    We will remember 2010 as a year in which our interaction with technology - and with each other - evolved because of the widespread adoption of social media and the use of innovative mobile computing devices. This not only revolutionizes the way we live our lives, but also blurs the lines that define the way we run our businesses and use and share information.

    By understanding the problems that have arisen in the past, perhaps internet users can craft themselves a better, safer future. Download Security Threat Report 2011 for an astonishing look into this year's threat landscape.

  • Leigh's Security Tips
    Leigh Reimers, Security Engineer
    If fighting viruses and malware were a baseball game, having RJS Security Engineer, Leigh Reimers on your team would be like sending Babe Ruth to the plate with the bases loaded. After completing advanced Sophos training and certification in record time, Leigh is considered one of the foremost Sophos experts in North America. Twice a week, Leigh stops by the RJS blog and shares his thoughts and insights on current security threats and cyber crimes.
  • FakeAV: Anatomy of an Attack
    FakeAV Demo

    During the last year, the number of FakeAV executables has grown enormously - from less than 1,000 to well over half a million. This huge rise in popularity among malware writers is primarily due to the direct revenue source that FakeAV provides. Compared to other classes of malware such as bots, backdoor Trojans, downloaders and password stealers, FakeAV draws the victim into handing money over directly to the malware author. 


    Watch the demo to understand how FakeAV works and how you can protect yourself.

  • Stop Data Leakage
    Stop Data Leakage
    Organizations are increasingly aware of the acute need to control the information that flows into, through and out of their networks. This white paper demonstrates the need for a high-profile acceptable use policy to prevent data leakage, gives practical guidance on how to use your security budget effectively to protect data at the gateway and endpoint, and highlights the benefits of encryption in securing data in the event that it does get stolen or lost.

    Download Stopping Data Leakage: Making the most of your Security Budget

Sophos Security Products

Endpoint Security and Data Protection
Endpoint Security and Data Protection secures computers and data without stretching your budget. Simplified cross-platform security, centralized management, full data encryption and flexible control of devices, applications and network access ensure you can secure your data from infection and loss as well as comply with government and industry regulations. *Don't need data encryption? Ask us about Endpoint Security & Control.

Download the Fact Sheet (PDF)
Email Security & Data Protection
Email Security and Data Protection proactively blocks inbound and outbound threats with unrivaled effectiveness and simplicity while protecting confidential and sensitive information, delivering high-capacity, high-availability gateway and groupware security and data protection. One license provides end-to-end threat and data protection with hands-off managed appliances and easy-to-use software.

Download the Fact Sheet (PDF)
Web Security & Control
Web Security and Control blocks malware, spyware, phishing, anonymizing proxies and other unwanted applications at the gateway. Offering simple enforcement of internet use policies and a seamless user experience, it gives you the comprehensive control you need to ensure safe, productive web browsing.

Download the Fact Sheet (PDF)
Sophos Security & Data Protection
Sophos Security & Data Protection

The whole kit and kaboodle! Sophos Security and Data Protection includes the three products above, providing complete protection across endpoint, email and web. It enables you to proactively protect against all new and unknown threats and secure your data against accidental or malicious loss. Support is provided 24x7x365 as standard, ensuring you are constantly protected.

Safeguard Enterprise
SafeGuard Enterprise protects your sensitive data from theft or loss and helps you achieve regulatory compliance while ensuring your competitive business advantage. SafeGuard Enterprise is a modular security data security solution that enforces centralized policy-based encryption and data loss protection for PCs, removable media and mobile devices across multiple platforms.

Download the Fact Sheet (PDF)
Small Business Solutions
Sophos Small Business Solutions are perfect for companies with 100 computers or less. Designed for non-technical users, it protects Windows and Mac desktops, laptops and file servers against known and unknown threats. Small, fast updates are completely automatic, and with 24/7 support, peace of mind is assured.

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NAC provides comprehensive, easy-to-deploy network access control that uses a centrally defined but granular security policy to identify and isolate non-compliant endpoint computers. Disruption can be minimized by phasing in the enforcement of policy. The software solution is vendor-neutral and works with existing network infrastructure and security applications.

Download the Fact Sheet (PDF)

The Document Lifecycle

Stage 1: Capture

Capturing signatures and data, and creating forms and reports that people can easily access, use, and distribute is the first stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how products like SignHere, iForms and WebForms can digitize documents and data, decrease paper costs and speed up workflow.

Stage 2: Manage

Securely managing documents and other data after they have been captured or created is the second stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how products such as WebDocs and inContact can give you the tools to securely find, use and store information, no matter where you are.

Stage 3: Distribute

Getting documents and data to the people who need them – on time and in the format they need – is the third stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how products like DeliverNow and Enterprise Workflow can automate document distribution and speed up business processes.

Stage 4: Secure

Securing data and documents is the final stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how WebDocs and our Security Solutions can protect key business information from cyber threats, data loss and costly downtime.