Create professional electronic forms and reports from any data source.

What it Does

With iForms you can create electronic forms and professional business reports from virtually any data source. The software allows you to create professional invoices, purchase orders, billing statements and advanced reports without relying on expensive pre-printed forms or custom reporting tools.

You can output forms and reports into the formats you need, including PDF, HTML, CSV, Excel and more. And because those files are electronic you can distribute or route them for approval with DeliverNow and Enterprise Workflow, and store them digitally using WebDocs. Plus, going digital with form design software means you’ll streamline workflow, increase productivity and save money on paper and printing costs.

Want to learn more about iForms and electronic forms? Download the fact sheet or watch this short overview video.

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Key Benefits

Get digital

Going digital means you can eliminate virtually all of the pre-printed forms and paper reports you currently use. You can easily create invoices, purchase orders, shipping and receiving forms, checks, HR documents and more.

Create forms and reports directly from IBM i/iSeries data

With iForms you can create electronic forms and data-driven reports from the IBM i/iSeries, and generate documents from almost any type of data source, including spool files and virtually any database, including DB2, SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.

Professional reporting

Keep yourself and others informed with advanced reporting features. iForms generates high-quality business and financial digital reports using data from almost any source. 

Powerful design tools

Quickly create document templates for electronic forms with an easy-to-use design tool. iForms form design software allows you to create multi-colored forms and reports with a variety of font and point sizes. You can also add graphics, signatures, bar codes, charts and more.

Who's Using It?

Toter Incorporated

Toter trashes burdensome paper flows and saves more than $10,000 a year in printing and postage costs by using iForms and WebDocs to streamline manual business processes.

Download the Case Study (PDF)
Southern Waste Systems
Southern Waste Systems chose iForms to improve document management and saw "an amazing ROI," according to SWS IT Director Nick Casagrande.
Download the Case Study (PDF)


  • Fact Sheet
    iForms Quick Reference Guide
    This three-page reference guide gives you a quick overview of how iForms works, including how the product components manage input, output and workflow.
    Download Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • On-Demand Webinar
    iForms Upgrade: Learn why you should upgrade or replace your forms software now!
    If you are currently using an older version of an RJS forms package or a product that's no longer supported or doesn't meet your needs, you're a perfect candidate for an iForms upgrade or competitive replacement. Watch this on-demand webinar and learn why iForms is a great alternative to forms packages like Optio or Infoprint that may no longer be supported or enhanced, and learn how the product works.
    Download On-Demand Webinar (WMV)

Looking for Support

You’ll find all relevant support resources for iForms software in our Support Center, including:

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The Document Lifecycle

Stage 1: Capture

Capturing signatures and data, and creating forms and reports that people can easily access, use, and distribute is the first stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how products like SignHere, iForms and WebForms can digitize documents and data, decrease paper costs and speed up workflow.

Stage 2: Manage

Securely managing documents and other data after they have been captured or created is the second stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how products such as WebDocs and inContact can give you the tools to securely find, use and store information, no matter where you are.

Stage 3: Distribute

Getting documents and data to the people who need them – on time and in the format they need – is the third stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how products like DeliverNow and Enterprise Workflow can automate document distribution and speed up business processes.

Stage 4: Secure

Securing data and documents is the final stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how WebDocs and our Security Solutions can protect key business information from cyber threats, data loss and costly downtime.