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If going digital is the key to improving business processes, why are we still shuffling paper around? There has to be a better way.  

Capturing and storing documents digitally is a great way to improve the way you manage information. But it’s only a start. To truly reap the rewards of going paperless, you need to improve business processes and speed up document delivery by automating the distribution of information within your organization. 

Document distribution software from RJS can help you do that by automating accounts payable, order entry and virtually any other paper-intensive business process you can think of. Instead of having to find the work you need to review and approve, it finds you – automatically. We can also take documents and reports generated from key applications and digitally distribute them to colleagues, customers or vendors. Speed up your workflow with automated report distribution and watch the savings follow.

Common Problems

It takes us days to route documents for approval. How do we speed up business processes?

Whether it’s the processing of accounts payable documents, customer orders or shop floor paperwork, speed is the key to getting discounts from vendors, moving product out the door, and keeping customers happy. We can take manual and paper-based business processes and completely automate them, improving efficiency and the bottom line. 

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Our business systems generate a lot of documents and reports, but they all have to be printed and manually routed or mailed to those who need them. Can we automate that?

Manually printing and routing all the documents your employees need is a costly and time consuming activity. Reports get lost or misfiled along the way, slowing down workflow, approvals and decision making. With our document distribution solutions, you can automatically monitor, convert, assemble and deliver reports from key business systems on any platform, including ERP, SAP and other applications.
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We still have a lot of vendors and clients who prefer to receive faxes. Is there a way to make sending faxes paperless?

For a lot of reasons, vendor, customer and business partners still request documents via fax. Sending these documents from a fax machine is one way to do it, but that means you still have to deal with a ton of paper. We can help you by taking the digital documents you need faxed and sending them electronically without ever having to print a piece of paper. 

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Case Studies

Brinker International
Brinker International

Brinker International uses PDF Splitter to automatically separate, categorize, compress and password-protect reports before electronically distributing them with Email Report Server.

Download the Case Study (PDF)
Code 3

Code 3 saves more than $20,000 a year in printing, storage and distribution costs by using Electronic Forms and Email Report Server to digitize paper forms and improve document workflow.

Download the Case Study (PDF)
Sterling Chemicals

Sterling Chemicals manages work-related documents electronically, and eliminates paper-based processes and costly preprinted forms with WebDocs, Electronic Forms and Email Report Server.

Download the Case Study (PDF)
Transportation Research Center
Transportation Research Center
TRC saves $7,900 a year in paper costs and improves business processes by using Enterprise Workflow and WebDocs to route and store documents.
Download the Case Study (PDF)