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Digitizing and electronically managing all our business information is great, but is all that content safe from cyber threats and other dangers?

You made the paperless plunge and now electronically capture, manage and route all your critical business information. Bravo! You just saved your company a ton of money and dramatically improved operational efficiency. But what happens to all that digital content if your network is hacked or infected with a computer virus? What if a disgruntled employee deletes or steals data? These questions aren’t just speculative; they’re legitimate concerns that businesses face in the real world every day.

That's why we incorporate industry-leading security technologies into our products and provide supplementary solutions when appropriate. Our products and partner solutions provide you with security that protects your documents and data from cyber crime, data leakage and internal threats, so you can rest easy knowing critical information and business systems are safe.

Common Problems

If someone hacked into our network, our business would be crippled. How can we make sure our IT infrastructure is completely protected?

Becoming 100% secure is impossible. That said, it is possible to identify and resolve common problems so the average attacker is encouraged to move on to easier targets. Products like WebDocs are equipped with advanced security capabilities that help protect your documents and data from being stolen, altered or deleted. For IBM i/iSeries, we developed iEncrypt to password-protect and encrypt sensitive data that can be sent via email. Combined with antivirus, malware and endpoint protection from Sophos, you can be confident that your data and network are safe and secure.

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We send a lot of important data via email and store most of our documents digitally. How do we make sure only authorized personnel can access that information?

You call it confidential information for a reason. Whether it’s financial data, HR records or sensitive business data, you only want authorized personnel to see it. Our document security and document management solutions can encrypt important data and ensure that no one accidentally stumbles upon a sensitive file.

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Case Studies

Conserve School
RJS deployed Sophos software at Conserve School to block spam and prevent unauthorized application use.
Download the Case Study (PDF)