initiative Green

RJS initiative Green

Going green. Those two little words encompass an entire movement designed to create an ecologically sustainable society. Some might consider going green a phase, but this environment-friendly ideology is here to stay. We all agree conservation and preservation are smart business practices, but going green and spending your green often go hand-in-hand.

Here at RJS Software, we understand this dilemma and have designed our solutions to provide the ROI and affordability that makes going green a simple and cost-effective approach. Each RJS Software product is created with our initiative Green stamp of approval. What does that mean?

With our line of initiative Green products, you take a giant step in removing paper from your core business operations.

Do you print numerous client or student records and then store them in cumbersome filing cabinets? Use WebDocs to index invoices, digitize reports and manage customer documents. Think of it as your virtual filing cabinet.
Are you still printing multiple receipts and having customers sign on the dotted line? SignHere allows you to electronically capture digital signatures and apply them to proofs of delivery, invoices, bills of lading and more.

Is your HR department using paper forms to collect employee data? WebForms, iForms and Electronic Forms allow you to turn any document into an easily accessible, paperless form. 

Does your printer get bogged down for hours on end when numerous sales reports are being generated for the upcoming meeting? Reduce and automate paper-intensive reporting and data-delivery with DeliverNow.  

Regardless of which RJS initiative Green product best serves your needs, you can be rest assured that not only will your ROI pay off your purchase within a few month’s time, but your efforts to reduce your organization’s carbon foot print will not go unnoticed by our fragile eco-system.   

The Document Lifecycle

Stage 1: Capture

Capturing signatures and data, and creating forms and reports that people can easily access, use, and distribute is the first stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how products like SignHere, iForms and WebForms can digitize documents and data, decrease paper costs and speed up workflow.

Stage 2: Manage

Securely managing documents and other data after they have been captured or created is the second stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how products such as WebDocs and inContact can give you the tools to securely find, use and store information, no matter where you are.

Stage 3: Distribute

Getting documents and data to the people who need them – on time and in the format they need – is the third stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how products like DeliverNow and Enterprise Workflow can automate document distribution and speed up business processes.

Stage 4: Secure

Securing data and documents is the final stage of the document lifecycle. Learn how WebDocs and our Security Solutions can protect key business information from cyber threats, data loss and costly downtime.